Amy & Colt's Wedding | Anthony's Banquet Center | Richland, WA

This loving couple provided us the opportunity to get footage from so many locations! Richland Parks, Terra Blanca Winery, Meadow Springs Country Club, Anthony's Banquet Center, and a couple amazing houses. In the end, we had over 1,000 camera clips to work with! firefly BLU has exclusive access to a secret winery in Benton City. Because Amy & Colt had us all day, we got to take them there and take advantage of some amazing scenes.

Amy & Colt also had the largest bridal party we've seen in a while — about 30! You really get the sense they're well-loved with so many people supporting them.

After the short ceremony, they partied on at Anthony's. Then lots of dancing, followed by a sparkler-laden exit. It was an unforgettable day, from start to finish.


Jennifer & Brian | Wedding Photos | Central United Protestant Church, Richland, WA

Photographers occasionally get blessed with a bride with a natural smile stuck on her nonstop...and we were lucky to have Jennifer fill this role! Both Jennifer & Brian were terribly fun to work with! This was one of the largest weddings we've ever shot, and they had the fun idea to get a single photo with all of them in the church. Four-hundred people staring at you for the shot. No pressure, right? We're thankful it turned out. :) One of the best ideas we've seen was for the garter toss. Normally, the garter goes 4 feet and guys don't fight for it. Brian wrapped it around a football and, of course, guys compete to catch a football! It's something we'll recommend to many future grooms.

We were able to get just enough time to take them to Leslie Groves park where the dwindling fall color looked amazing. Central United Protestant (CUP) Church made for some challenging lighting but a beautiful venue.

Kathrine & Brad | Wedding Photos & Movie | Stone Ridge, Pasco

It was another hot Tri-Cities wedding, but you wouldn't know it by watching Kathrine & Brad! Volleyball, badminton, and other games were played *on* the wedding day! You have to see the wedding movie to really appreciate how athletic this couple is. (Watch Kathrine throw a football!) Beyond their athleticism, it's clear they have a loving and committed relationship. And better still, their family supports them outwardly.

We see a lot of weddings, so it's fun when couples choose to do something different. Their peacock theme was sure new to us, and we loved it.

We know they'll have many, many years of fun and laughter ahead of them!

Kalah & Levi | Engagement Photos | Secret Winery, Benton City, WA

Kalah & Levi met in the middle — between his work in Idaho and hers in Oregon, we're thankful they found the middle ground of the Tri-Cities. He's an electrical lineman, and he'd brought his tools — so naturally they made use of them! What a charming, unassuming couple. Just a minute with them and you can tell that they're well-suited together. We wish them well for their wedding in Boise next June!

Andrea & David | Wedding Photos | Terra Blanca Winery, Benton City, WA

We're always thrilled to shoot at Terra Blanca Winery, but Andrea & David made it special! They had such a relaxed atmosphere that everyone enjoyed the day thoroughly. Terra Blanca offers a multitude of photo opportunities in a small area (vines, wine barrels, grass fields, brick walkways, massive doors, etc), so we didn't feel it necessary to take them off site. Andrea & David are avid divers, so their tropical theme was especially fitting. The flowers were done by one of our favorites, Simplified Celebrations, who did a phenomenal job! (We didn't even know you could get some of those flowers in our neck of the woods.)

We're excited to share Andrea & David with you!

Heather & Ryan | Wedding Photos & Movie | Sleeping Lady Resort, Leavenworth

Heather & Ryan couldn't have picked a hotter day! It was over 100° in Leavenworth, so we limited our time outside and headed for shade whenever possible. The guests were even furnished deep-frozen washcloths for their short ceremony! Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth, Washington provided an astounding backdrop for their day. Winds precluded us from using the helicopter on that day, so we went back on Sunday to get some much-desired establishing shots.

Heather & Ryan had an intimate wedding with family and friends, but that doesn't mean they didn't know how to party! They thoroughly enjoyed their day, and so did we!

Erin & John | Wedding Movie | Davenport Hotel

Erin & John chose a beautiful venue, the Davenport Hotel. It fit their personalities well — the seem to fit right in with the elegance. Both are musicians: Erin has a soaring voice and John plays some wicked-awesome piano. It was entertaining to see them provide a song at their own wedding. John even surprised Erin with a group song (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, no less) — it was hilarious! We found an opportunity to really press our remote helicopter to the limit, flying over the Davenport Hotel to reveal beautiful Spokane, providing a solid establishing shot. What really made the movie, though, was Erin & John's fun attitude and the loving environment provided by their families!

Allisyn & Cody's Wedding Movie | Highland Gardens

What a *fun* bridal party they had! They climbed trees, played volleyball (in suits!), and were super-happy throughout. Allisyn & Cody were relaxed, despite the 100° temperatures! Highland Gardens was a new venue for us; in fact we'd not shot in Deer Park before. The staff there were quite accommodating and pleasant to work with. Allisyn & Cody had an extremely short ceremony. We bet people were thankful since many were in the intense heat.

We found opportunities to use our helicopter for a few shots — check out the short version of their movie below!

Melissa & Kevin Wedding Photos | Stone Ridge Event Center

June in the Tri-Cities is supposed to be sunny, right? Rain threatened every moment of the ceremony! But a little drizzle didn't dampen Melissa & Kevin's spirits. Both the bride and groom appeared to enjoy every moment of their day. Better yet, their kids served as flower girl and ring bearer....both were ridiculously adorable and handled the commotion of a wedding day with aplomb. Despite the occasional rain (and the subsequent scrambles indoors at Stone Ridge Event Center), the day was thoroughly enjoyable. We're sure that Melissa & Kevin will continue as great parents and perfect partners for each other.

Ruth & Chris' Wedding Movie & Photos | Benton City | Christ the King & Terra Blanca Winery

Talk about a fun couple! Ruth & Chris' wedding at Chris the King Catholic Church was sweet, but the real fun was watching them get ready and afterward at Terra Blanca Winery. Chris' letter to Ruth made us want to cry, and it certainly did the trick on Ruth. We got a chance to use our remote-controlled helicopter a few times — check out the movie below to see the footage! We were so happy to have been a part of this wedding. We're thankful to Ruth & Chris, and we wish them the best in their life together!