Pasco Washington

Megan & Tracy Family Photos

One of the greatest parts about our jobs is the friends we make. We shot Megan & Tracy's engagement photos a couple years before we shot their wedding, and now we get to take their baby and family photos!

Megan & Tracy's super-cute kiddo. Photo shot at Chiawana Park in Pasco, WA.

They even brought Tracy's parents along for a few photos. Grandma and Grandpa also made great assistants — they could really get him to smile!

Breanne & Ben | Wedding Movie & Photos | Promise Garden | Pasco, WA

We love shooting military weddings…and Breanne & Ben both serve in our armed forces. (Did you know we provide military discounts?) Breanne and Ben are both even-keeled, but Breanne also have a lovable quirkiness about her. We enjoyed Ben's loving speech to his new bride, where he praises her for having a "mischievous twinkle" in her eye. Now that's a couple who can go the distance!

Promise Garden in Pasco provided the picturesque backdrop. Many details on their grounds means we have more to shoot — which we love. We took the guys to Chiawana Park to knock out the portraits, but otherwise we stayed at Promise Garden. Pizza Hut catered — it was fun to see so many pizzas in one place!

Crystal and Geoff's Wedding | Moore Mansion | Pasco, WA

This California-based couple flew up to Pasco to get married at the beautiful Moore Mansion in Pasco, WA. They were truly a joy to capture. They're hilarious separately, and even funnier together. They play off each other, making for great comedy. They're not afraid to laugh at themselves or each other. It was a hot but wonderful day in Pasco, where the guests enjoyed the flowers by Simplified Celebrations and the drinks made up by the florist's husband, Domingo Macias. Yes, he's licensed, and he did a wonderful job creating drinks unique to the couple — a 49'ers drink for him, and a Seahawk drink for her. (Football season must be rough for them!)

They were awesome to work with. It's too bad they'll be in California — we'd love to see them again!

Colleen & Ivan's Wedding | Pasco, WA

As always, the flowers from Simplified Celebrations were outstanding. We always love it when they are the selected florists: we know we'll have plenty of great flower shots. The day was strikingly hot! It may have been at a house right along the Columbia River, but that didn't provide much in the way of cooling. The lighting was the most challenging we've had in years: there was little to no shade throughout the day. But we got some great smiles out of Colleen, and the bridal party was a lot of fun!

Courtney & Troy's Wedding Trailer | Tri-Cities, WA

Paddle boarding? Go-karts? Talk about a fun couple! We got to film them on Lake Chelan hanging out, throwing footballs, and getting on the water. And of course they had a wedding. Faith Assembly in Pasco provided plenty of room to work with (that church is huge!). Then off via limo to Chiawana Park where we got in some aerial shots of the bridal party. Then off to Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick, where they always do a great job with events; weddings are no exception.

Courtney & Troy are truly a gracious couple. You don't have to spend much time with them to know that they are giving, loving people. We're so thankful to have shot their wedding!

Kathrine & Brad | Wedding Photos & Movie | Stone Ridge, Pasco

It was another hot Tri-Cities wedding, but you wouldn't know it by watching Kathrine & Brad! Volleyball, badminton, and other games were played *on* the wedding day! You have to see the wedding movie to really appreciate how athletic this couple is. (Watch Kathrine throw a football!) Beyond their athleticism, it's clear they have a loving and committed relationship. And better still, their family supports them outwardly.

We see a lot of weddings, so it's fun when couples choose to do something different. Their peacock theme was sure new to us, and we loved it.

We know they'll have many, many years of fun and laughter ahead of them!

Melissa & Kevin Wedding Photos | Stone Ridge Event Center

June in the Tri-Cities is supposed to be sunny, right? Rain threatened every moment of the ceremony! But a little drizzle didn't dampen Melissa & Kevin's spirits. Both the bride and groom appeared to enjoy every moment of their day. Better yet, their kids served as flower girl and ring bearer....both were ridiculously adorable and handled the commotion of a wedding day with aplomb. Despite the occasional rain (and the subsequent scrambles indoors at Stone Ridge Event Center), the day was thoroughly enjoyable. We're sure that Melissa & Kevin will continue as great parents and perfect partners for each other.

Jessica & Dave's Wedding Photos | Stone Ridge Event Center

We were fortunate to shoot Jessica & Dave's wedding, despite the threat of rain! (What is it with the rain these days?!) Talk about characters — Jessica was hilarious throughout the day, and Dave and his groomsmen wore custom-made formal camouflage vests! (They're avid outdoorsmen.) The overcast skies lent us some great light. After their outdoor ceremony at the beautiful Stone Ridge, they partied and held their own. Then we stuck around to take advantage of the fireworks set off after the baseball game nearby. So glad it worked out!

Michelle & Cody's Wedding | Pasco | Stone Ridge

Michelle & Cody! What a couple. We had tons of fun at Stone Ridge Event Center in Pasco. We started photos a little late (which is wedding par for the course), but everyone was organized enough that we got tons of great photos. Cody did an awesome job spinning Michelle in the vineyard, and Michelle did a great job trusting him and flying free! The ceremony was good fun; sentimental but not overly-dramatic. Each of them looked completely comfortable. The unity sand was great — far too much sand in their individual vials, which we suppose means they'll maintain some individuality.

A few drops of rain threatened to keep everyone indoors, but it quickly cleared up and no one seemed to mind the wind. Counter to what we expected from such a sweet couple, they playfully smashed cake all over each other. Towards the end, as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, the gorgeous lighting made for some great last-minute photos of Michelle & Cody.

We won't hold it against them for being Cougs.

Lauren & Rusty | Richland Wedding | Richland Lutheran Church & Stone Ridge

This September wedding was awesome because the couple was so fun! The ceremony was at Richland Lutheran Church and the reception was at Stone Ridge Event Center.  We never realized how beautiful that church was on the inside, it had some beautiful stained glass windows we had fun with.  Stoneridge was a great place for photos as well, especially in the small vineyard just before sunset. These two were one of the happiest couples all day long, which is so much fun for us!