Shelby & Chris' Wedding | Camp Dudley | Naches, WA

Not every wedding goes according to plan. OK, almost none do. But construction on the only road into YMCA's Camp Dudley caused hours of delays! Instead of panicking, people just decorated more! Who knew a YMCA camp could make such a stunning wedding venue? The ceremony had a beautiful lake as the backdrop, there was plenty of room for guests to roam and socialize, and Shelby & Chris took advantage of the kayaks at sunset. Seriously — a bride with a cute umbrella during a stunning sunset? Love it.

Amaris & Alex's Wedding | Spanish Assembly of God | Othello, WA

We had the pleasure of shooting Amaris & Alex's engagement photos, which also afforded us the opportunity to get some shots of them to include in their highlight movie. Baseball is a huge part of their lives, so it was super-cute to film them at a Tri-City Dust Devil's game at Gesa Stadium in Pasco. When Amaris told us the reception would be in a gym, we were nervous that it wouldn't look enough like a wedding. We were *floored* by the decorating by D&Z Events — we'd never seen such a transformation! It ended up being one of the best-looking venues we've filmed.

We're excited to finally share them with you!

Blanca & Tom's Engagement | Howard Amon Park | Richland, WA

Now this couple has no problems smiling. They are truly giddy with each other. And we love that they enjoy goofing around (it makes for great photos!). We took great advantage of the saturated fall colors, which suited them well: he played the guitar to her on a bench, and the autumn colors couldn't have complemented them better.

We can't wait for their 2014 wedding!

Crystal and Geoff's Wedding | Moore Mansion | Pasco, WA

This California-based couple flew up to Pasco to get married at the beautiful Moore Mansion in Pasco, WA. They were truly a joy to capture. They're hilarious separately, and even funnier together. They play off each other, making for great comedy. They're not afraid to laugh at themselves or each other. It was a hot but wonderful day in Pasco, where the guests enjoyed the flowers by Simplified Celebrations and the drinks made up by the florist's husband, Domingo Macias. Yes, he's licensed, and he did a wonderful job creating drinks unique to the couple — a 49'ers drink for him, and a Seahawk drink for her. (Football season must be rough for them!)

They were awesome to work with. It's too bad they'll be in California — we'd love to see them again!

Brianne & Justin's Wedding | Carol Allenbaugh's House | Finley, WA

We had the fortune of doing Brianne & Justin's engagement photos. We were thankful to be shooting their wedding photos as well: they're such an entertaining couple. Due to a scheduling mixup, the ceremony started about half an hour late. (Really, though, isn't that par for the course anyway?) Ed Daily did a great job officiating, as always. We don't think we've ever seen a groom happier to see his bride walk down the aisle to him. It was an emotional ceremony — plenty of waterworks to go around.

We'd been concerned about weather issues the entire day, as it had been incredibly stormy the day before. It ended up only raining once: while getting their dinner, the umbrellas finally had to come out for the bridal party; it rained for a paltry ten minutes. They capped the night off by dancing with glow sticks — a fun trend in weddings lately.

Andrea & Justin's Engagement | Zintel Canyon | Kennewick, WA

If you want to know how to handle an engagement shoot, talk with Andrea & Justin: they were relaxed, comfortable, and had natural smiles. We took them to Zintel Canyon in Kennewick, and to Chiawana Park Pasco, WA. Both proved to be excellent settings to capture the fall colors. And these huge Seahawk fans are getting their wish so far as the Seahawks have home field advantage leading up to the 2014 Super Bowl!

We're excited to be shooting their wedding on June 21st of 2014!

Blanca & Michael's Engagement | Secret Winery | Columbia Valley, WA

It was fun to meet these two by taking them to a winery where we have exclusive rights to photograph. (Sorry, can't tell you where!) They were quite happy to be together, and asking them to kiss wasn't a chore. Then it was off to take advantage of a train that hasn't moved in years, and then on to Howard Amon Park in Richland. Loved the light!

We're excited to shoot their wedding in 2014!

Andrea & Jerald's Engagement | Bookwalter Winery | Richland, WA

Here's a fun couple finding new life with each other. Andrea & Jerald are getting married at Bookwalter Winery in Richland, WA, so we got to shoot some engagement photos with them and their kids at the winery. They had lots of fun ideas — great signs and poses. The three kids, Lawrence, Joanna, and Tyler, were good sports, too! We're looking forward to shooting their wedding on June 21st of this year!

Kathryn & Matt's Wedding | West Richland, WA

Kathryn & Matt chose her aunt and uncle's house as their wedding setting. The lighting was challenging, but the couple was cute as could be. You could see the look of anticipation as the moment built toward their reveal — the "first look." The first look is what we recommend to couples instead of having the reveal postponed until the ceremony. Sure, there's something to be said for the grandeur of waiting, but there are many benefits to seeing each other beforehand: it's more relaxed, you can allow more time for photos, and you're not making your guests wait while you complete your numerous couple, bridal party, and family photos. They were certainly relaxed, and we always appreciate that!

Colleen & Ivan's Wedding | Pasco, WA

As always, the flowers from Simplified Celebrations were outstanding. We always love it when they are the selected florists: we know we'll have plenty of great flower shots. The day was strikingly hot! It may have been at a house right along the Columbia River, but that didn't provide much in the way of cooling. The lighting was the most challenging we've had in years: there was little to no shade throughout the day. But we got some great smiles out of Colleen, and the bridal party was a lot of fun!