Howard Amon Park

Blanca & Tom's Engagement | Howard Amon Park | Richland, WA

Now this couple has no problems smiling. They are truly giddy with each other. And we love that they enjoy goofing around (it makes for great photos!). We took great advantage of the saturated fall colors, which suited them well: he played the guitar to her on a bench, and the autumn colors couldn't have complemented them better.

We can't wait for their 2014 wedding!

Blanca & Michael's Engagement | Secret Winery | Columbia Valley, WA

It was fun to meet these two by taking them to a winery where we have exclusive rights to photograph. (Sorry, can't tell you where!) They were quite happy to be together, and asking them to kiss wasn't a chore. Then it was off to take advantage of a train that hasn't moved in years, and then on to Howard Amon Park in Richland. Loved the light!

We're excited to shoot their wedding in 2014!

Shelby & Chris | Engagement Photos | Howard Amon Park, Richland, WA

We were lucky to get the last of the fall color with Shelby & Chris. We'd scouted Howard Amon Park in Richland, which seemed to hold the best colors on and off the trees. Shelby & Chris were great sports and were up for pretty much trying anything. Shelby had made lots of signs to use, which gave us flexibility and some fun shots! ...we told her we'd buy them from her when she's done! We're looking forward to shooting their wedding in Zillah next September!

Lizeth & Ricardo | Richland Engagement | Howard Amon Park

It may not look like it, but this was a very cold day in November! We'd just some snow the day before, so parts of tri-cities still had snow on the ground. But there was still plenty of  fall color — this was perfect since it allowed for several different looks to their engagement photos.  Since it was so cold, we picked up some hot chocolate for Lizeth and Ricardo to help keep them warm.  We started at Howard Amon park where it still had awesome fall colors and leaves on the ground. Lizeth and Ricardo were great sports as they posed for photos while freezing! We then visited the WSU campus in Richland since it had the most snow.  Finally, we made use of the Christmas lights at the Parkway in Richland since it was dusk. It was definitely a fun photo shoot and we are glad the Lizeth and Ricardo are such a fun couple to work with.

Kim & Aaron | Kennewick Wedding | Canyon Lakes & Howard Amon Park

We started our hot July day with Kim and Aaron at the Canyon Lakes Golf Course. They had their first look by the pond under an etherial willow tree.  The golf course made for an exquisite backdrop for both photos and video. The heat was so intense that we kept the bride and groom in the shade and drinking water as much as possible — we didn't want them passing out! The ceremony was held around a beautiful gazebo that sits next to a pond.  It looked fantastic!  Kim and her bridesmaids had decorated it early in the day.  It was so hot during the ceremony that we had to worry about the cameras overheating — something we had never seen before. But Kim and Aaron, the guests, and our cameras made it through the entire ceremony. The reception was in the club house, which has an amazing view overlooking the golf course.  After the reception, Kim and Aaron jumped in their vintage limo, "Miss Daisy", a 1938 Pontiac from Four Star Limos. We followed them to Howard Amon Park in Richland where we took a few more photos around sunset — what a great way to end such a beautiful day. (If you watch closely you'll notice one of the resident squirrels running across the screen in the movie trailer.)