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We were recently voted the #1 Wedding Cinematographer in the entire United States! We were voted #2 in the world! Thank you to our many fans for voting! 

Our Core Principles

We believe our business flourishes because we provide amazing service and products at competitive prices. We believe in:

  • Delivering incredible, unique photos and cinematography

  • Anticipating and capturing moments

  • Providing extras no one else offers

  • Researching the needs of every client

  • Using the latest and finest equipment

  • Being approachable and keeping others at ease

  • Maintaining competitive prices

We are based in Richland, Washington but frequently shoot in the surrounding areas such as Kennewick, Pasco, Seattle, Spokane, Wenatchee, and Leavenworth. We have traveled as far as Texas and Canada, and we're happy to travel for you!

We also teach photography and cinematography classes. Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

Wedding FAQs


Q: How many photographers will shoot my wedding?
A: Two photographers. At all times!

Q: Why would I need a second photographer? 
A: A second photographer brings many advantages. It means better coverage, more photos, and more natural candids. We've found that people can hide from one photographer, but not two!

Q: We're not getting married in Washington State. Would you shoot my wedding in… 
A: We've shot weddings from Texas to Canada, and we expect to shoot overseas. 

Q: Can I hire you for just photos or movies? 
A: We love shooting, whether it's photos or movies. You can book us for either, or both. When you book us for both, you'll notice that it works out to about a 15% discount.

Q: I heard you provide digital photos? 
A: Every digital file we deliver are enhanced for skin blemishes, color, brightness, noise, straightening, cropping, sharpness, color, exposure levels, background retouching, teeth whitening, and more! Every image is retouched by a dedicated and professional editor with thousands of editing hours under their belt.

Q: Can you tell me about your wedding movies? 
A: We were recently voted the #1 wedding cinematographer in the USA! We provide the feature film (about 15 minutes long), ceremony, and speeches. We even create a short "trailer version" of your wedding movie (about 3 minutes long).

Q: What do I need to do to get you to hold my wedding date? 
A: A $300 deposit secures your date. $600 for both photography and cinematography. 

Q: How many photos do you shoot at weddings? 
A: Thousands! Then we'll weed out the images where people blink, etc. We edit every remaining photo and deliver many hundreds to you!

Q: Is doing a "first look" better than waiting to see each other at the ceremony? 
A: One is not inherently better than the other. On the west coast first look is more common because there often is not much of a break between wedding ceremony and reception so it is easier to take the creative location portraits before the ceremony. The east coast tends to have a significant cocktail hour between ceremony and reception where we can take your epic location photos. We like both styles and it's a personal preference (ask your groom, they often care about this!) for you to decide. Simply remember to structure your day to provide ample time not just for photography but for travel between any photography locations you want to use.

Q: Awesome, but I have more questions! 
A: Contact us! We're excited to talk with you about your wedding

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