Richland Washington

Molly & Dennis' Engagement | The Parkway | Richland, WA

Shooting engagement photos really helps you get to know a couple — Molly and Dennis showed us their fortitude battling the frigid Tri-City temperatures! Seriously. It was cold. *Really* cold with the wind chill. We shooters wore huge jackets, hats, gloves, etc. But Molly was such a trooper — she wore a dress and open-toed shoes! (We hope she didn't suffer any symptoms of frostbite!)

We did have fun though. From a winery to the Parkway to the Richland Players theater, Molly & Dennis proved they were easy-going and amiable, making the best of the cold day.

Blanca & Michael's Engagement | Secret Winery | Columbia Valley, WA

It was fun to meet these two by taking them to a winery where we have exclusive rights to photograph. (Sorry, can't tell you where!) They were quite happy to be together, and asking them to kiss wasn't a chore. Then it was off to take advantage of a train that hasn't moved in years, and then on to Howard Amon Park in Richland. Loved the light!

We're excited to shoot their wedding in 2014!

Andrea & Jerald's Engagement | Bookwalter Winery | Richland, WA

Here's a fun couple finding new life with each other. Andrea & Jerald are getting married at Bookwalter Winery in Richland, WA, so we got to shoot some engagement photos with them and their kids at the winery. They had lots of fun ideas — great signs and poses. The three kids, Lawrence, Joanna, and Tyler, were good sports, too! We're looking forward to shooting their wedding on June 21st of this year!

Bridgette & Quinn | Engagement Photos | Richland Parkway

One of the things we love most about the Tri-Cities is its predictability. Sure, it's hot in summer (today was 108°!), but we know what the light will probably do. Eastern Washington is sun-drenched most of the year, so shade is often critical! Bridgette and Quinn look good in any light though — we back-lit them near Howard Amon Park and used flashes, diffusers, and bounces to make the most of it. The most important thing in a photo shoot is the smile, and they sure delivered — it's easy to do when you're in love! We're excited to shoot their wedding next September!

Suzie & Zane | Engagement Photos | Richland Parkway

Suzie and Zane are such a fun-loving couple, which made for an enjoyable engagement shoot. We started at the Richland Parkway then headed to the Columbia River to catch some great light. A gorgeous tree at Tangles hair salon (where Suzie works) happened to be in full bloom, so we stopped there for last-minute photos. We're looking forward to shooting their wedding in September!

Amy & Colt's Wedding | Anthony's Banquet Center | Richland, WA

This loving couple provided us the opportunity to get footage from so many locations! Richland Parks, Terra Blanca Winery, Meadow Springs Country Club, Anthony's Banquet Center, and a couple amazing houses. In the end, we had over 1,000 camera clips to work with! firefly BLU has exclusive access to a secret winery in Benton City. Because Amy & Colt had us all day, we got to take them there and take advantage of some amazing scenes.

Amy & Colt also had the largest bridal party we've seen in a while — about 30! You really get the sense they're well-loved with so many people supporting them.

After the short ceremony, they partied on at Anthony's. Then lots of dancing, followed by a sparkler-laden exit. It was an unforgettable day, from start to finish.


Dana & Jay's Wedding Trailer | Kennewick First Methodist and Bookwalter Winery

We knew Dana & Jay would be a fun couple to film after they suggested we film them rock climbing for their engagement footage! Cold and windy weather didn't deter their adventurous spirits, and we got some fantastic footage using our helicopter — and helmet cameras. Dana & Jay had us all day, which meant we could capture them getting ready in a relaxed atmosphere. The girls sipped Starbucks while dressing in style at Cadwell Laboratories. Jay and his groomsmen got ready at a beautiful house overlooking the Tri-Cities.

The wedding at Kennewick First Methodist went flawlessly. Dana had chosen perfect music for them — including Chariots of Fire during the candle lighting ceremony (wherein Jay showed off his inner pyro).

But the best part of all was the reception. The heartfelt speeches showed just how loved this couple is. And the unreserved, joyous dancing by so many people — young and old — properly reflected Jay & Dana's carefree spirits. And their glow stick exit was perfect for them!

But did we ever get lucky — it snowed! (Those of you from the Tri-Cities know how rare it is.) We got our first ever dancing-in-the-snow footage with some soft overhead light provided by the Bookwalter Winery entrance. It was stunning.

Colleen & Ivan | Engagement Photos | Secret Vineyard and Train | Richland, WA

We're excited to be shooting this cute couple's wedding along the Columbia river next year! We made time for an engagement shoot with them at a secret winery in Benton City, then raced to an old train and a cornfield in Richland to take advantage of sunset.

Jennifer & Brian | Wedding Photos | Central United Protestant Church, Richland, WA

Photographers occasionally get blessed with a bride with a natural smile stuck on her nonstop...and we were lucky to have Jennifer fill this role! Both Jennifer & Brian were terribly fun to work with! This was one of the largest weddings we've ever shot, and they had the fun idea to get a single photo with all of them in the church. Four-hundred people staring at you for the shot. No pressure, right? We're thankful it turned out. :) One of the best ideas we've seen was for the garter toss. Normally, the garter goes 4 feet and guys don't fight for it. Brian wrapped it around a football and, of course, guys compete to catch a football! It's something we'll recommend to many future grooms.

We were able to get just enough time to take them to Leslie Groves park where the dwindling fall color looked amazing. Central United Protestant (CUP) Church made for some challenging lighting but a beautiful venue.

Shelby & Chris | Engagement Photos | Howard Amon Park, Richland, WA

We were lucky to get the last of the fall color with Shelby & Chris. We'd scouted Howard Amon Park in Richland, which seemed to hold the best colors on and off the trees. Shelby & Chris were great sports and were up for pretty much trying anything. Shelby had made lots of signs to use, which gave us flexibility and some fun shots! ...we told her we'd buy them from her when she's done! We're looking forward to shooting their wedding in Zillah next September!