Amaris & Alex's Wedding | Spanish Assembly of God | Othello, WA

We had the pleasure of shooting Amaris & Alex's engagement photos, which also afforded us the opportunity to get some shots of them to include in their highlight movie. Baseball is a huge part of their lives, so it was super-cute to film them at a Tri-City Dust Devil's game at Gesa Stadium in Pasco. When Amaris told us the reception would be in a gym, we were nervous that it wouldn't look enough like a wedding. We were *floored* by the decorating by D&Z Events — we'd never seen such a transformation! It ended up being one of the best-looking venues we've filmed.

We're excited to finally share them with you!

Jennifer & Brian | Wedding Photos | Central United Protestant Church, Richland, WA

Photographers occasionally get blessed with a bride with a natural smile stuck on her nonstop...and we were lucky to have Jennifer fill this role! Both Jennifer & Brian were terribly fun to work with! This was one of the largest weddings we've ever shot, and they had the fun idea to get a single photo with all of them in the church. Four-hundred people staring at you for the shot. No pressure, right? We're thankful it turned out. :) One of the best ideas we've seen was for the garter toss. Normally, the garter goes 4 feet and guys don't fight for it. Brian wrapped it around a football and, of course, guys compete to catch a football! It's something we'll recommend to many future grooms.

We were able to get just enough time to take them to Leslie Groves park where the dwindling fall color looked amazing. Central United Protestant (CUP) Church made for some challenging lighting but a beautiful venue.