Kennewick First Methodist

Krista & Jeremy | Kennewick First Methodist | Kennewick, WA

Krista & Jeremy are a genuinely sweet match. We are always excited to shoot photos for those serving in our military. (In fact, we provides discount for active military personnel.) They held to the tradition of not seeing each other prior to the ceremony — at least half-way. Jeremy, in his military attire posed blind-folded next to Krista for few special photos.

Her princess fairytale dream came true as they said their vows at the Kennewick First Methodist church. They exited the ceremony through the traditional gauntlet of saber-wielding marines. Her hospitable parents then hosted their guests at their home in Kennewick for the reception. We wish this happy couple all the best!

Tara & Nick | Wedding Photos | Kennewick First Methodist | Red Lion Hotel | Kennewick, WA

Tara and Nick are a genuinely sweet couple. Tara began the day getting ready at her parents' beautiful home on the Canyon Lakes golf course. After a short send-off ceremony with her family, everyone headed to Kennewick First Methodist for their beautiful ceremony. Sticking with tradition, Nick first saw Tara as she walked down the aisle. The couple surprised everyone with a belly dancer at the reception, held at the Pasco Red Lion. The crowd loved it! The dancing was unique and some of the most enjoyable we'd seen.

We're so glad they chose us to capture their day!

Dana & Jay's Wedding Trailer | Kennewick First Methodist and Bookwalter Winery

We knew Dana & Jay would be a fun couple to film after they suggested we film them rock climbing for their engagement footage! Cold and windy weather didn't deter their adventurous spirits, and we got some fantastic footage using our helicopter — and helmet cameras. Dana & Jay had us all day, which meant we could capture them getting ready in a relaxed atmosphere. The girls sipped Starbucks while dressing in style at Cadwell Laboratories. Jay and his groomsmen got ready at a beautiful house overlooking the Tri-Cities.

The wedding at Kennewick First Methodist went flawlessly. Dana had chosen perfect music for them — including Chariots of Fire during the candle lighting ceremony (wherein Jay showed off his inner pyro).

But the best part of all was the reception. The heartfelt speeches showed just how loved this couple is. And the unreserved, joyous dancing by so many people — young and old — properly reflected Jay & Dana's carefree spirits. And their glow stick exit was perfect for them!

But did we ever get lucky — it snowed! (Those of you from the Tri-Cities know how rare it is.) We got our first ever dancing-in-the-snow footage with some soft overhead light provided by the Bookwalter Winery entrance. It was stunning.

Brooke & Matt's Wedding Movie & Photos | Kennewick First Methodist & Anthony's Banquet Center

Brooke & Matt had been dating for ages, but what makes them so compelling is that they act like they just started dating! They regularly make each other laugh! Yet it was clear from their sweet ceremony at Kennewick First Methodist that they're serious about their commitment to each other. They threw a delightful party at Anthony's Banquet Center — filled with sentimental speeches, loads of dancing, and evening lighting to die for. We took them out along the river near sunset to take advantage of the insane reds and purples in the clouds. Despite the menacing prospect of rain throughout the day, we ended up with lucky, perfect timing on everything!

We found a couple opportunities to get helicopter footage at their wedding. Check it out in the movie below!