Church Wedding

Krista & Jeremy | Kennewick First Methodist | Kennewick, WA

Krista & Jeremy are a genuinely sweet match. We are always excited to shoot photos for those serving in our military. (In fact, we provides discount for active military personnel.) They held to the tradition of not seeing each other prior to the ceremony — at least half-way. Jeremy, in his military attire posed blind-folded next to Krista for few special photos.

Her princess fairytale dream came true as they said their vows at the Kennewick First Methodist church. They exited the ceremony through the traditional gauntlet of saber-wielding marines. Her hospitable parents then hosted their guests at their home in Kennewick for the reception. We wish this happy couple all the best!

Becca & Will | Wedding Photos | Connell United Methodist Church | Connell, WA

Thunderstorms and near-record heat weren't going to stop Becca & Will from tying the knot! These die-hard Coug fans had a WSU garter, and the reception was held in a "GO COUGS" farm shed. We knew these two were meant for each other when they admitted that they won't play tennis together: they get too competitive! The wedding at the Connell United Methodist Church went well despite being at capacity in the sanctuary. The minister had told us we couldn't move or use flashes during the ceremony, so it's at these times when we're thankful we have awesome equipment!

We lucked out on light — not only did the thunderstorms stop in time, but the clouds provided a wonderful backdrop. We're excited to share their day!