Ed Daily

Brianne & Justin's Wedding | Carol Allenbaugh's House | Finley, WA

We had the fortune of doing Brianne & Justin's engagement photos. We were thankful to be shooting their wedding photos as well: they're such an entertaining couple. Due to a scheduling mixup, the ceremony started about half an hour late. (Really, though, isn't that par for the course anyway?) Ed Daily did a great job officiating, as always. We don't think we've ever seen a groom happier to see his bride walk down the aisle to him. It was an emotional ceremony — plenty of waterworks to go around.

We'd been concerned about weather issues the entire day, as it had been incredibly stormy the day before. It ended up only raining once: while getting their dinner, the umbrellas finally had to come out for the bridal party; it rained for a paltry ten minutes. They capped the night off by dancing with glow sticks — a fun trend in weddings lately.