Benton City

Kevyn & Eddie | Wedding Photos | St Joe's, Kennewick, WA | Terra Blanca, Benton City

The day began with a bit of stress — At St. Joe's in Kennewick, the wedding before Kevyn & Eddie's looked like it was running an hour late! But the priests did well to move things along, and everything else went according to plan. The extra time provided us more photo opportunities, so we didn't complain. Terra Blanca, as always, provided a multitude of different looks for photos. The Benton City vineyard has stunning views and somehow manages to avoid the worst of the Tri-City winds. Kevyn & Eddie had a gorgeous getaway car, and gave us loads to work with at sunset. So fun!

Brianne & Justin | Engagement Photos | Vineyard

We are so excited to be shooting the wedding of the sister of one of our former brides. Brianne and Justin were such a great couple with great smiles, we got super lucky with the weather in early March and had a wonderful time during their engagement session at a vineyard near Benton City!

Kalah & Levi | Engagement Photos | Secret Winery, Benton City, WA

Kalah & Levi met in the middle — between his work in Idaho and hers in Oregon, we're thankful they found the middle ground of the Tri-Cities. He's an electrical lineman, and he'd brought his tools — so naturally they made use of them! What a charming, unassuming couple. Just a minute with them and you can tell that they're well-suited together. We wish them well for their wedding in Boise next June!

Kaycie & Sergio's Engagement | Benton City | Secret Vineyard

We had a relaxed shoot with Kaycie and Sergio at our secret vineyard — they were so photogenic! They brought along a chalk board to for various ideas (like save-the-date cards). Worked out well! We love it when people bring their own props. We're excited to be shooting their wedding this September at the Moore Mansion.