Catholic Wedding

Kevyn & Eddie | Wedding Photos | St Joe's, Kennewick, WA | Terra Blanca, Benton City

The day began with a bit of stress — At St. Joe's in Kennewick, the wedding before Kevyn & Eddie's looked like it was running an hour late! But the priests did well to move things along, and everything else went according to plan. The extra time provided us more photo opportunities, so we didn't complain. Terra Blanca, as always, provided a multitude of different looks for photos. The Benton City vineyard has stunning views and somehow manages to avoid the worst of the Tri-City winds. Kevyn & Eddie had a gorgeous getaway car, and gave us loads to work with at sunset. So fun!

Alys & Robert | Richland Wedding | Christ the King Church & Meadow Springs

Alys & Robert had a sweet spring wedding. The ceremony was Christ the King church in Richland, WA. We loved her bouquet; peonies have always been one of our favorites. We convinced them to stop on the way to the reception for fun shots on some railroad tracks. The reception at Meadow Springs Golf Course makes for beautiful photos any time of the year, but they always have tons of spring flowers. With lots of green grass and several cute bridges over the streams, we had many options to choose from. Alys and her dad had a particularly great choreographed father-daughter dance —lots of fun!