Terra Blanca

Melissa & Max's Wedding Movie

If you’re looking for a perfect wedding day, this was it. The hundreds of guests were like family to each other — probably because so many were teammates of Max Hersey, the former WSU Cougar linebacker. (In the mix you might find a couple Seahawks and an Eagle’s Super Bowl ring, too.) Yes, both the bride and groom are stunningly beautiful, but they were both also kind and compassionate. And hilarious.

Set in Olalla, WA at the Edgewater House, this was easily in our top five weddings we’ve ever filmed.

Just wait until you see him watch her come down the aisle.

Photo courtesy Luma Weddings

Kim & Nolan | Wedding Movie & Photos | Terra Blanca | Benton City, WA

Terra Blanca weddings remain among our favorites: this Benton City venue boasts loads of greenery with many looks in a relatively small area. So it worked fine for Kim and Nolan to have us for just 7 hours since they weren't moving to a new location for the reception or photos.  Here's a case where opposites attract: while Nolan is reserved, Kim is whimsical and spirited. And we love their dichotomy. Nolan was Mr. Cool, and Kim sang to the camera! 

Kevyn & Eddie | Wedding Photos | St Joe's, Kennewick, WA | Terra Blanca, Benton City

The day began with a bit of stress — At St. Joe's in Kennewick, the wedding before Kevyn & Eddie's looked like it was running an hour late! But the priests did well to move things along, and everything else went according to plan. The extra time provided us more photo opportunities, so we didn't complain. Terra Blanca, as always, provided a multitude of different looks for photos. The Benton City vineyard has stunning views and somehow manages to avoid the worst of the Tri-City winds. Kevyn & Eddie had a gorgeous getaway car, and gave us loads to work with at sunset. So fun!

Andrea & David | Wedding Photos | Terra Blanca Winery, Benton City, WA

We're always thrilled to shoot at Terra Blanca Winery, but Andrea & David made it special! They had such a relaxed atmosphere that everyone enjoyed the day thoroughly. Terra Blanca offers a multitude of photo opportunities in a small area (vines, wine barrels, grass fields, brick walkways, massive doors, etc), so we didn't feel it necessary to take them off site. Andrea & David are avid divers, so their tropical theme was especially fitting. The flowers were done by one of our favorites, Simplified Celebrations, who did a phenomenal job! (We didn't even know you could get some of those flowers in our neck of the woods.)

We're excited to share Andrea & David with you!

Kristin & Grant Wedding Photos | Terra Blanca Winery

If you could define Kristin & Grant in one word, it would be Classy. Their small wedding at Terra Blanca was elegant without being overly-sophisticated. And her swanky flowers were completely original — we don't even know what they're called! We're always thankful for the views and options Terra Blanca provides, but we really lucked out on light in the evening. It wasn't an incredible sunset, but it was a lovely soft light.

We know Kristin & Grant will love their new life together!

Ruth & Chris' Wedding Movie & Photos | Benton City | Christ the King & Terra Blanca Winery

Talk about a fun couple! Ruth & Chris' wedding at Chris the King Catholic Church was sweet, but the real fun was watching them get ready and afterward at Terra Blanca Winery. Chris' letter to Ruth made us want to cry, and it certainly did the trick on Ruth. We got a chance to use our remote-controlled helicopter a few times — check out the movie below to see the footage! We were so happy to have been a part of this wedding. We're thankful to Ruth & Chris, and we wish them the best in their life together!

Erika & Nate’s Wedding | Benton City | Terra Blanca

What a day! Erika & Nathan play well together — such a whimsical couple. Terra Blanca winery in Benton City made for a stunning backdrop for both their photos and their ceremony. Their first look was under Terra Blanca's beautiful entryway arches. Erika had some of the most expressive faces, and Nate kept things loose for the photos, allowing us to capture some great looks between the two of them. Very photogenic couple!

The short-and-sweet ceremony took place in a tucked-away rocked-in area. Especially touching was the pillow carried in by the handsome ring bearer: it was made in memory of the bride's father out of his shirt and tie. The cake was covered in a multitude of white frosting roses — it seemed to be patterned to match Erika's dress!What a perfect spring day for this couple to tie the knot. We wish them a lifetime of happiness.