Spokane Washington

Faith in True Love Restored: Abby & Corbin

Restore your faith in true love: Watch Abby & Corbin's movie! Check out the Feature Film or Short Version below:

Abby & Corbin got ready at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA. The décor there is stunning, but we didn't have much time to take advantage as we raced off to Beacon Hill wedding venue in Spokane Valley — which was thankfully beautiful as well! 

Love is in the details, I say. It's not about huge gestures…it's about whispering "I love you" only loud enough for the other to hear. That's Abby & Corbin — a couple already living for each other. And we love sharing them with you!

Hey Ryan! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing movie. We are absolutely blown away be the quality! You guys were so much fun to work with, and I would recommend you to anyone! You produce amazing movies!
— Abby & Corbin

Allisyn & Cody's Wedding Movie | Highland Gardens

What a *fun* bridal party they had! They climbed trees, played volleyball (in suits!), and were super-happy throughout. Allisyn & Cody were relaxed, despite the 100° temperatures! Highland Gardens was a new venue for us; in fact we'd not shot in Deer Park before. The staff there were quite accommodating and pleasant to work with. Allisyn & Cody had an extremely short ceremony. We bet people were thankful since many were in the intense heat.

We found opportunities to use our helicopter for a few shots — check out the short version of their movie below!

Sarah & Tyler | Spokane Engagement | Riverfront Park & Downtown Spokane

Since Sarah was going school in Spokane, we decided to go there to shoot their engagement photos (we flew ourselves!). We walked throughout Riverfront Park capturing photos and video. (We use the video for the wedding movie — it's a great way to show them outside the wedding day.) They are a perfect couple — they play off of each other so well that it is easy to get photos of them laughing and smiling. (Thanks for making it easy on us!)  The Spokane River was really high, so when taking photos on one of the bridges, we were getting water sprayed on us (and our lenses)! But it was worth it since it allowed for some great photos. We got some awesome photos of them around the Radio Flyer Wagon, the clock tower, and across from the Opera House.

We headed over to capture them riding the carousel; that turned out to be tons of fun — we got some great photos and awesome footage. We look forward to spending more time with Sarah and Tyler at their wedding in July.