Rachel & Josué | Benton City Wedding | Terra Blanca

October can start to get cold in the tri-cities, but it wasn't the case for Rachel and Josué's wedding day. Once the girls finished getting their hair and makeup done, they hopped into a huge limo and rode off to Terra Blanca.  Once everyone was there, Rachel and Josh had their first look under the long vine-covered arbor. It was a cute moment as Rachel pretended as if she was going to pounce Josué, and somehow read her mind and did the same!  The ceremony took place in a private cove at the back of the winery.  Rachel entered from above, but without her shoes! Evidently they couldn't be found, but she was perfectly happy to go barefoot. The ceremony was beautiful, even with a brief interruption by a bi-plane (paparazzi?) flying overhead. Terra Blanca has several beautiful backdrops that just look great in their highlight movie. There was a cool corn field we got to walk through, and we thrilled that Rachel and Josué were willing to try fun things. We also got to go inside the cellars and walk around all the wine casks. There were many heartfelt speeches which really showed how much everyone loves and cares for Rachel and Josué. Their cakes had both Cougar and Seahawk logos!

Everyone had fun dancing, visiting with friends, and just enjoying the ambiance. This was such an enjoyable day for us and we just want to say thanks and congratulations to Rachel and Josh.