Austin Texas

Blaise & Dustin | Austin Wedding | The Inn at Wild Rose Hall

It was a thrill to shoot this simple, relaxed wedding. Why? It was the 4th of July and we flew to Austin, Texas! It was holy-moly-hot outside, but what a wedding! The couple got ready and took photos in an amazing house rented for the families to stay in. The venue was incredibly beautiful as well — they timed it so that we could take photos just a little before sunset and they turned out amazing. One of our favorite quotes during the day was made by the bride, "I'm in a tree!" It was a beautiful ceremony performed by one of the groom's college roommates, and both the father and sister of the bride sang (wow, talent!). It was perhaps the best ambiance we've ever seen — they'd hung lanterns and Christmas lights all over. As the sun set, the lights made all the difference. And what a gorgeous couple! They enjoyed every minute, and it was our pleasure to capture it.