Our First Quinceañera

We'd been told that quinceañeras are similar to weddings. We did our research, learning about the traditions and expectations of the day. But we were surprised to find that Sarahi — the newly-minted 15-year-old — was mature beyond her years. Her speech — which she performed without notes — was heartfelt and captivating. You really get the sense that she's surrounded by loving people, and she credits their assistance for her well being. 

We got to shoot it at Bennett Botanical Gardens in Hermiston, OR. It's a wonderful venue, and we'd recommend it for weddings of various sizes, too.

So much happens at a quinceañera. The choreographed dance was fun to film and edit. The ceremony was beautiful. Heck, even the chairs were placed to create a "15" as seen from above.

Good thing we got a drone shot!