Cathy & Cory | Kennewick Wedding | St. Joe's Chapel & Country Gentleman

Cathy & Cory have such great interplay — they really feed off each other's energy and happiness. From the moment they first saw each other on the wedding day, they were smiling every time they were together. They shared their first look at the lighthouse on Clover Island, which holds special meaning for them. At St Joe's Chapel, they shared playful glances during the ceremony. It was a delight to see them so comfortable even with so many friends and family there supporting them. Even the priest was a delight — he made a couple jokes that had the house rolling. The chapel wasn't the darkest venue we've visited, but it wasn't well-lit; We got the opportunity to try out our new high-performance cameras (5d mark 3's), and boy were they nice!

After the ceremony, Cathy and Cory were relaxed and able to really enjoy the reception. Country Gentleman has great food and is a nice venue, but it's an enormous challenge for photographers (it has a black ceiling and it pretty dark)! We put our flashes to use again and had to get a bit creative — we fired a second, off-camera flash through a diffuser held up by a tripod. It worked! And the dancing photos really benefited from it. The reception was a resounding success, complete with touching and hilarious speeches, tons of dancing, and a relaxed atmosphere. We're happy for this couple!