Katie & Drew — Wedding Movies

Walla Walla in the fall is breathtaking. Add the love Katie & Drew share and prepare for a melted heart. Corliss Estates doesn't normally host weddings — but as family friends, Katie & Drew had their wedding and reception there (even during the winery's busy "crush" season). It provided a stunning backdrop, fitting for their jet-set lifestyles.

Want to see aerial shots of a vineyard in autumn? A couple massively in love? A perfect day? Check out their movies:

Gabbie & Evan Engagement Photos

A drone for engagement photos? Why not?! 

Ok, it was only for a few shots, but to capture the grandeur of the University of Washington, we had to get higher.)

Seattle's UW Arboretum provides so many backdrops that it can be overwhelming. So we arrived well in advance and planned out our path. We hit lots of places and made great use of the time. Then it was off to the UW campus to shoot in The Quad and Red Square. (Oh the memories!) 

Gabbie and Evan are a wonderful couple — we're truly looking forward to shooting their wedding in 2017!

Danielle & Travis Wedding Movies

Danielle and Travis have been together for nearly a decade, so now you'll understand her sister's speech. 😊 But it's clear they were ready — and they still look for extra kisses from each other. 

The ceremony at Christ the King in Richland, WA was cute — check out how both Danielle and her mom had difficulties extinguishing the match for the unity candle. (It was cute!) 

And the reception at the Three Rivers Convention Center was wonderful — great lighting from Platinum Entertainment made the night a resounding success. 

You have to see highlights from the father-daughter dance toward the end…don't be chicken!

Marcellia & Steven Wedding Movies

Marcellia & Steven know how to throw a party!

And The Moore Mansion is the place to be. The Moore Mansion in Pasco, WA is the classic location in the Tri-Cities. It's the mainstay go-to place for a regal wedding. 

We gently pulled them from their rocking reception for some awesome photos (and video footage) along the Columbia River at sunset. (Oh man do we love shooting then and there.)

Check out their cute movies!

Amber & Tyler Wedding Photos

Farms weddings are awesome:

  • No restrictions on where we can shoot
  • Lots of different backdrops in a walkable area
  • The feel of a farm can't be beat
  • The party can go loud and late

Amber and Tyler married at a family farm in Othello WA, and it was perfect. (And the clouds overhead made our jobs easier.)

Sometimes you know a couple will make it. It's the way they look at each other. It's the way the talk about each other. It's the looks they give each other. 

Amber and Tyler are in it for the long haul — expect to see them in their 80s, winning the Anniversary Dance at their grandchild's wedding!

We love the photos! You two did such an amazing job catching all the special moments. 
— Amber & Tyler

Kapo & John Wedding Photos

Kapo & John's wedding venue — a residence in Richland, WA — was wonderful, but didn't have shade for photos. And they didn't want to take time away from their wedding. But they had a brilliant idea – one we wish everyone would do!…

We shot their wedding photos a week ahead of time! This meant they were more relaxed, they didn't waste others' time, and we could take them anywhere. 

The proof is in the pudding, and I think we made good use of their idea.

Julian & Mireya Engagement Photos

Julian and Mireya hit us up for engagement photos. When we tell people about the photographer's Golden Hour, this is what we're talking about! 

We took them to Columbia Park in Kennewick WA, and to the beautiful Kennewick Lighthouse.

The first two photos is of them reading their bible – such a cute idea of theirs!

Stephanie & Devin Engagement Photos

Stephanie & Devin may be young, but they're in love. And super-cute together. And we're so lucky to have exclusive access to a secret winery in Benton City!

We thank Devin for his service in the United States Marines. We can't wait to shoot their wedding next September!

These pictures are amazing…this made my day. Thank you so much!
— Stephanie & Devin

Tralisa & Ty Wedding Photos

We had a first at Firefly – filling in for an injured photographer. One of our photographer friends suffered a concussion and asked us to fill in. We felt it's quite an honor to be asked!

With just a few weeks before the wedding, we scrambled to learn about Tralisa & Ty and their plans. (Thankfully, they're pretty laid back.) He'd proposed at Howard Amon Park in Richland, so they asked that we do the "first look" there. The Shiloh Inn made a good backdrop to the rest of their day.

We were thrilled to capture their day and hope you enjoy the results! 


We just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our photos and how thankful we are that you guys shot our wedding! We have struggled with narrowing down our favorites for our album like crazy but that’s compliments to all your wonderful photos! We just wanted to thank you so much for all you did! We highly recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks again!
— Tralisa & Ty

Kid Photos – Anytime!

We love kids — so much so that we have two little critters of our own.

You don't have to wait for a birthday or other special occasion — get shots of your kiddos anytime! They won't look like this forever.  :-)

Our sweet Archer, age 3.

Our sweet Archer, age 3.

Our boy, 3-year old Archer, loves riding his bike — it's his favorite activity. (And he's amazing on it!) We felt it important to capture his love of riding. 

Firefly can capture your kids doing what they love!

Jennifer & Nathan Family Photos

We love taking family photos in fall. It took a few weeks of rescheduling through crazy Tri-Cities weather, but it was worth the wait!

Jenn & Nathan's house provided a great spot for an impromptu studio

Jenn & Nathan's house provided a great spot for an impromptu studio

Jenn & Nathan's deck overlooked the Tri-Cities on a foggy day

Jenn & Nathan's deck overlooked the Tri-Cities on a foggy day

In-between family shots, we love to get photos of the kids horsing around

In-between family shots, we love to get photos of the kids horsing around

Shelcy & Absalon Wedding Movie

No wedding goes according to plan.

…but 30+ mph winds can't stop Shelcy & Absalon! This loving couple from Chiawana High School married at Promise Garden in Pasco, WA. With a Greek theme and an oversized bridal party, we loved everything about their day.

We got the movie today! You have us in tears! We are so thankful for all your hard work towards our movie, we will forever treasure this!
— Shelcy & Absalon

Megan & Tracy Family Photos

One of the greatest parts about our jobs is the friends we make. We shot Megan & Tracy's engagement photos a couple years before we shot their wedding, and now we get to take their baby and family photos!

Megan & Tracy's super-cute kiddo. Photo shot at Chiawana Park in Pasco, WA.

They even brought Tracy's parents along for a few photos. Grandma and Grandpa also made great assistants — they could really get him to smile!

Jingle & Jazz Photos

In the Tri-Cities area, there was little support for those needing assisted living. Enter Modern Living Services (MLS). At MLS, they provide housing, life skills and educational resources to developmentally disabled individuals in Benton and Franklin Counties.

We were happy to donate our photography services at their annual fundraiser, Jingle & Jazz

Guests of honor at the Jingle & Jazz fundraiser for Modern Living Services

Guests of honor at the Jingle & Jazz fundraiser for Modern Living Services

Be sure to check out the rest of the photos from the Jingle & Jazz fundraising auction.

Veils & Vines

Are you engaged? Are traditional bridal shows just not your thing? Too many vendors, too many fashion shows, too much time? We have the answer for you! 

We are a part of a group of local wedding and event professionals that feel your pain. We have created a "pop-up wedding show" just for you! This is a VIP by-invitation-only event with the ultimate goal of providing you the client time to actually talk with your prospective wedding vendors, ask questions and ultimately experience a mini-consultation. As local wedding and event professionals we are hoping to provide you with a no stress, no time limit, quality meet and greet!  

No need to burn an entire day or weekend combing through booths or a bag to find a card from that one vendor who caught your eye. Pop-up Wedding Wednesday will be offered every other month at a different winery or local event venue bringing wedding planning from stressful to fun with the Happy Hour Bride. We'll have an educational talk, premiere vendors in our area showcasing a sliver of what they offer, and all in a relaxing and low key environment. 

We want to actually talk to you, answer your questions, set up consults and have you enjoy getting to know your vendor team.

Our next event

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
5:30pm  7:30pm
Bella Fiori Gardens



Read more at Veils & Vines!